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We have learned much from PENUMBRA‘s new citizens since our doors first opened to the public on July 7, 2016.
While we continue to adjust to our newly acclimated residents and sudden population increase, our doors will remain closed – for now.

But rest assured, those doors will reopen in the near future. Keep watching this page for details.


What is Penumbra?

Sanctuary. Comfort. Safety. A new beginning. Your fresh start.

Tucked away in a private enclosure in Central Florida, PENUMBRA is an independent thriving society with members spanning multiple generations. Our members come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, among them are former doctors, engineers, priests, lawyers, construction workers, and teachers.

We are transforming lives with stress-free, no anxiety living. Structurally sound from its founding principles to its foundation and walls, PENUMBRA offers you a chance to do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Read on to discover why joining PENUMBRA is right for you.






PENUMBRA was created on the fundamental notion that the tension that arises between the individual and the community is not essential, but artificial. Previous attempts to create the perfect society have failed, leading to tyrannies of the most barbaric nature. They did not properly respect the higher qualities of human nature. In PENUMBRA, your path towards self-actualization will run parallel to the actualization of the community as a whole.

But what does this practically mean for you? Simply, you will be entering the first fully functional, totally harmonious society in the history of mankind.



A new society for a new way of life.

Meet K. Alexander

Founder and Father of Penumbra


Who is K. Alexander?

As the son of a missionary, Kiran Alexander spent his life moving around the globe. This exposure to different cultures paired with his father’s meticulous home-schooling shaped his moral and political outlook. After some time, however, he began to crave something his nomadic life could not provide – a sense of community.

Upon turning eighteen, K. Alexander came into an inheritance from his grandfather and moved to the United States to find his own way. He was quickly shocked by the politics and culture of the country that sold itself as the paragon of freedom and justice.

Years went by and K. Alexander began meeting people who felt detached and disillusioned by modern culture, leading him to discover that the world’s problem was not a lack of virtue among people, but that modern society does not encourage virtue in its citizens. The challenge was not to find a Socrates, but to build a better Athens.

And thus he began to build PENUMBRA…


Principles of PENUMBRA

Our Path to Virtue


How many of us wake up feeling anxious about choosing which parts of our soul we must keep hidden in order to make it through the day?

We at PENUMBRA believe that a society built with a proper respect for human virtue will transcend these problems.

Our proven Acclimation Process makes entry to PENUMBRA both easy and natural. You will find yourself in a diverse community of like-minded individuals, all eager to help you make your individual journey. We do not do each other favors expecting something in exchange, we do not write contracts, we simply treat one another as full and virtuous human beings ought to treat one another.


Your individual journey will never be impeded by social pressures, but bolstered by them. It means that you will be able to fulfill your calling in life without worrying what others think. It means that you finding yourself as an individual will be an integral part of us finding ourselves as a community.


PENUMBRA is self-sustaining and free from the material and spiritual insecurities of the outside world. Everything from energy to agriculture is produced in PENUMBRA itself. Dependence breeds compromise and we pride ourselves on being independent and free to shape our society solely in the interests of our community. We want our members to feel, for the first time in their lives, absolutely free to cultivate their highest qualities.


Freedom from want is a necessary premise of spiritual freedom. PENUMBRA provides accommodations for all members. There are no rental payments. There are no landlords. You will find work, but it will be work done not to keep you from material poverty, but from spiritual poverty. In PENUMBRA, members are able to find work that will nourish their soul rather than their checkbook.


Above all these concerns lies our concern for your safety. Though we are separated from the outside world, we have a state-of-the-art monitoring system that serves to ensure the physical safety of every member in PENUMBRA. Since our founding almost thirty years ago, we have not had one instance of murder, rape, theft, or assault.

This stellar record of safety is partly thanks to the measures put in place by our Chief Executive, K. Alexander, but it is mostly due to the exceptional people who choose to join PENUMBRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock Penumbra's traditions & knowledge.

Who is welcome in Penumbra?
You are welcome in Penumbra! Our perfected Acclimation Process ensures that no matter your background or history, you will find your place and thrive.
What will I do in Penumbra?
There is no shortage of jobs to be done in Penumbra. Our Acclimation Process ensures that you will find work that is best suited to your personal needs.
What do I need to take with me to Penumbra?
There is no need to pack a suitcase. In Penumbra, we will provide you with all the essentials. You are, of course, free to bring whatever keepsakes that might make your time at Penumbra happier and more comfortable.
Can I be myself in Penumbra?
Of course! Our mission is to preserve a community which respects and embraces every individual. We value the distinct personalities and sensibilities of each one of our citizens. After all, we are not a cult!
How will I pay for food, housing, etc?
We at Penumbra believe that no citizen can walk the path of virtue while constantly concerned about material problems. We will provide for all material needs so that you may concentrate instead on your personal development.
After joining will I be able to see my family and friends?
We encourage families and close friends to apply for membership together. In Penumbra you will become a part of a community that affirms your values and goals.
Once inside Penumbra, will I be told how to live?
We respect the diverse interests and motivations of each individual. Our sense of community has not been fostered by arbitrary mandates, but by organic and natural traditions.
Why haven’t I heard of Penumbra before?
Our founder, K. Alexander, created Penumbra almost thirty years ago. He was aware that both virtue and community are fragile, so he remained discreet. Today he is confident enough in our society’s stability and success that he will soon open the doors of Penumbra to the outside world.
How can I join?
Scroll up and submit your contact information to receive further details about Penumbra as our opening date of July 7th, 2016 grows closer. You may also visit this web site to find out additional information.