Principles of PENUMBRA

Our Path to Virtue


How many of us wake up feeling anxious about choosing which parts of our soul we must keep hidden in order to make it through the day?

We at PENUMBRA believe that a society built with a proper respect for human virtue will transcend these problems.

Our proven Acclimation Process makes entry to PENUMBRA both easy and natural. You will find yourself in a diverse community of like-minded individuals, all eager to help you make your individual journey. We do not do each other favors expecting something in exchange, we do not write contracts, we simply treat one another as full and virtuous human beings ought to treat one another.


Your individual journey will never be impeded by social pressures, but bolstered by them. It means that you will be able to fulfill your calling in life without worrying what others think. It means that you finding yourself as an individual will be an integral part of us finding ourselves as a community.


PENUMBRA is self-sustaining and free from the material and spiritual insecurities of the outside world. Everything from energy to agriculture is produced in PENUMBRA itself. Dependence breeds compromise and we pride ourselves on being independent and free to shape our society solely in the interests of our community. We want our members to feel, for the first time in their lives, absolutely free to cultivate their highest qualities.


Freedom from want is a necessary premise of spiritual freedom. PENUMBRA provides accommodations for all members. There are no rental payments. There are no landlords. You will find work, but it will be work done not to keep you from material poverty, but from spiritual poverty. In PENUMBRA, members are able to find work that will nourish their soul rather than their checkbook.


Above all these concerns lies our concern for your safety. Though we are separated from the outside world, we have a state-of-the-art monitoring system that serves to ensure the physical safety of every member in PENUMBRA. Since our founding almost thirty years ago, we have not had one instance of murder, rape, theft, or assault.

This stellar record of safety is partly thanks to the measures put in place by our Chief Executive, K. Alexander, but it is mostly due to the exceptional people who choose to join PENUMBRA.